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The Fantastic face is an entertaining application for Android devices that allows you to see your photos in old age and learn more about the lifeline.

Age predictor

Many people would like to see themselves in old age even at the moment of growing up. Data Android application allows you to know how you will look after 20 or even 60 years. Scan your photo to display various options and learn a lot about yourself. It is worth noting that the application works based on an artificial algorithm and allows you to generate multiple effects with age due to the selection of the most suitable photos. 

You can also scan your palms to determine your future health, longevity, and wealth. It is worth noting that this is conditional information that is generated for entertainment and is not related to real facts. Another interesting parameter is the analysis of the faces of users. Here you can find out your happiness in your personal life, beauty, and overall rating. Find out your glamorous rating and skin condition.

Other predictions

Another exciting application option is the ability to predict the gender and appearance of the unborn baby. You need to specify the data of both parents for the application to give you the result automatically. One of the exciting and fun filters is generating an animal face instead of your head. 

Take a picture of yourself in profile and full-face to see who you are according to the version of animals. It is worth noting that the proposal has an exciting option for interacting with other users. Have a real beauty pageant and upload your photos. The automatic application will evaluate your pictures and help you become the best user of the month.


  • visual age prediction application;
  • use the photo generator and basic free features;
  • palmistry and baby predictions for users;
  • compatibility with many Android devices;
  • quick user interface customization.
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