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Farm to Home is a delivery service where you can purchase fresh fruits and vegetables.

Fruits & Vegetables

It is a free application for Android smartphones and tablets that allows you to find and order fresh fruits and vegetables at affordable prices. You no longer need to go to the store or market to select the best products. Now you can use the built-in categories in the application to find the most reasonable prices for goods and order home delivery options. 

Here you can find out all about the quality of the product and see a detailed description with photos. Collect the necessary list of products in one basket and arrange delivery. The app owners collaborate with suppliers of fruits and vegetables so that you can count on fast delivery and quality products.

How to buy it?

The procedure for buying fruits and vegetables is very simple. You need to choose your city from the list available in the application and Open the section with fruits and vegetables. Next, you need to add each item to the basket and select the number of products that you need. After you complete the selection of products, you can arrange delivery and pay for all items in the application menu. 

It is worth noting that the basket contains a special indicator that allows you to track the number of orders needed for free delivery if you buy products for a set amount you can save on this option. Register in the application using a phone number or social networks to get more bonuses and opportunities.


  • an Android application for ordering products;
  • free fruits and vegetable lists;
  • a detailed description of goods with photos;
  • product categories with daily updates
  • payment in the application or cash.
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