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Fasting App is an Android application that helps you organize fasting with interval meals and improve the condition of your body.

How does it work?

This Android application can become your assistant during interval fasting. The fact is that such a format of activity is very useful for the body in the short term. Plentiful food every day does not allow your stomach to digest everything that got inside during it. As a result, you get a heavy load on the liver and risk undermining your health. 

It also contributes to obesity and vascular problems. This application allows you to plan interval fasting to help the body unload and burn extra calories. You don’t need to use a special diet or change your diet. You only need to choose the right translation when you should not eat food. 

You can also control the progress, stuffing with the help of individual indicators. Add calories and other parameters to track all your changes. You can also choose the most popular starvation plans to find what works best for you. The fact is that each organism tolerates starvation individually and requires separate testing of each technique.

Free tips

In addition to timers and indicators, this Android application contains useful informational articles and tips that will help you learn more about fasting and choose the right interval to improve your well-being. As a result, you can improve the condition of your body in the short term and relieve your digestive system. 

It will have a beneficial effect not only on your waist but also on your general well-being. Choose the right stages of fasting and read out this cardio loads to get the best result. This application will help you correctly calculate the stages that will positively affect your body.


  • free interval fasting planner;
  • control breaks between meals;
  • calorie control and overall progress;
  • useful articles and tips about fasting;
  • timers and pop-up notifications for Android smartphones.
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