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FatSecret mobile client will be very useful for those who want to lead a healthy lifestyle. Unlike similar solutions that allow you to keep track of calories consumed, FatSecret has a much more advanced toolkit that approaches the problem comprehensively. Using FatSecret, the user can “document” much more information than just the energy value of the foods they eat.

The application allows you to not only keep a food diary, but also attach visual photos of food to your notes. With the help of this client you will find information on the nutritional value of all products, as well as dishes prepared in various institutions.

In addition, the program also contains a built-in catalog of useful recipes. Among them, you can find something new to diversify the taste parameters of your diet, as well as make food even more useful. In addition to the nutrition diary, the user is also available to maintain a diary of physical activity, where you can record all the information about training – calories burned, duration of the lesson and well-being after the exercises. It is very easy to track the effect of the diet on your body using a weight chart – this will be especially useful for those who want to not only eat right, but also lose weight.


FatSecret can be installed on smartphones and tablets. The calorie counter works even with the oldest versions of Android and has a very intuitive interface.

Key Features

  • allows you to keep a food diary to control the diet;
  • contains libraries of useful recipes;
  • includes an exercise diary to track calories burned
  • offers a weight monitoring function that allows you to track overall progress with proper nutrition;
  • provides information on the calorie content of foods and ready meals.
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