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Android 4.4 and above
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Fazon is an Android application with which you can increase the popularity of your Instagram account. Promotion can take place on a paid and free basis, and the concept of the service is quite simple and thoughtful. This version of the Fazon program is designed for devices based on the Android operating system.

As in other services for promotion on Instagram, its own currency is provided here – crystals. They can be purchased for real money or earn. Earning crystals is quite simple – you just need to subscribe to other users and “like” their photos. You can also invite your friends to use the service. Use the application for full integration with social services.
You can exchange the earned crystals for getting into the local “TOP” users. Once in first place, you will automatically receive new subscriptions and likes. In addition, Fazon allows you to order the wrapping of the necessary indicators of social activity “directly”.

Karma system

To reduce the number of “unsubscribers”, the Karma system is implemented in the Fazon service. Each user has a “karma” indicator – it is positively affected by the number of “conscientiously” completed tasks and negatively by the number of “unsubscribes” after receiving crystals for the work done. The karma indicator affects the rewards for completing tasks. The application is very comfortable for all lovers of social systems.

App Features

  • helps get new Instagram followers
  • offers to exchange indicators of social activity with other users;
  • has its own TOP accounts. You can get into it for crystals (internal currency of the service);
  • compatible with all current versions of the Android operating system;
  • has a nice modern interface.
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