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Female fitness

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Female fitness is an interactive collection with training programs for the fair sex. With this application, you can study at home, without using special equipment and spending up to ten minutes a day on classes.
When you first start Fitness for Women, you will be asked to select the “problem” zones – the press, buttocks or hips, as well as indicate the number of training days per week. For each zone there are several training programs – for beginners, for continuing and advanced. They differ not only in complexity, but also in duration. In addition, a general training program for the whole body is provided.

Having decided on the program, you will receive a schedule, as well as a schedule and instructions for performing the exercises. The latter are accompanied by visual animations and videos in which professional athletes demonstrate the correct technique. For each workout, the approximate amount of calories burned is calculated.


As we said earlier, the Fitness for Women app for Android involves classes without using sports equipment unless you may need a rubber mat or plaid. Of the other advantages of the application, it is worth noting that it can draw up a detailed report on training, reminds you to do exercises and has an extremely simple and intuitive interface. Thanks to this application you will get many physical benefits.

App Features

  • offers training programs for the abs, buttocks, thighs and the whole body;
  • contains detailed instructions for performing the exercise with animations and videos;
  • timely reminds of training;
  • helps to monitor progress (decrease in volume, weight);
  • compatible with relatively old versions of the Android operating system.
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