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FindNow is an Android application with the ability to track the whereabouts of friends and relatives.

Map Search

The utility uses standard Google maps with marker display. To track someone on the map, you must send him or her request. If you confirm this, then you can observe money movement around the city around the clock. The utility allows you to monitor only registered people. You only need to enter a phone number to start using this option.

Also, you cannot do this anonymously. Geolocation with location markers becomes available after the confirmation.

If the app disconnected from the network, you can see the data of last location. You can edit the list of permissions in the future. For example, you can remove someone from your list or disconnect from the transfer of data to friends.

How to use it?

The utility is especially useful for parents who want to watch their children. Location markers may indicate that the child is not in class or has gone to a remote part of the city. This information is also relevant when your friend or relative has lost a smartphone. While the SIM card provides access to the mobile Internet, you can find the missing gadget.

You can also track the movements of friends. For example, one of your friends was in your area. Invite to tea or arrange a joint walk. You do not need to call or write on social networks to determine the location of a friend.


  • application for tracking the location of friends and relatives;
  • display of the last place of a person before disconnecting the network;
  • subscription system for monitoring users;
  • the download option is available for free;
  • the utility is compatible with current versions of Android.
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