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First Bus

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Android 5.0 and above
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First Bus is a personalized Android ticketing application. Thanks to this application, you can quickly book tickets and plan your trip. The offer contains an algorithm that allows you to choose the shortest route and the best price. Now you will not overpay for the purchase of tickets. Also, you do not need to print a paper version. Show your electronic ticket at departure and everything will be fine. A detailed menu application allows you to track all routes and find out the current travel time. 

Now you will never miss the necessary route. You can also find out the location of all buses and specific travel times. An online map will help you navigate the area and get off at the necessary stop. The bus line is divided into various locations. An online map will help you find out everything about the location of each bus. This application simplifies the use of public transport and allows you to save your money.

Get Your Tickets

Now buying bus tickets is a simple and trivial process. You do not need to spend a lot of time to get an electronic ticket. Just a few clicks and you get the nearest route at an affordable price. Now you can track the movement of vehicles online thanks to a detailed interactive map. Get detailed information about all the routes in your city and plan your trips throughout the day. Each resident of the UK can significantly save his time and get all the benefits using this service. Get tickets online and you will always arrive on time at the specified address.

App Features

  • application for finding bus routes on Android;
  • convenient menu and informative interface;
  • buy bus tickets in one click;
  • detailed time of arrival of vehicles;
  • online route tracking map.
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