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FIT by Katy

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FIT by Katy is an Android app from Katy Hearn. Here you will learn more about training, cross fit and effective exercises for fat burning and building muscle.

Make your body stronger

Katy Hearn is a famous American fitness model that has created its own training plan. It has already helped thousands of girls around the globe. This application is the quintessence of all the knowledge that this fitness model received. Here you can find effective workouts and special exercises that will help you burn fat and build muscle. 

You can get more than 400 exercises that will effectively help focus on different parts of the body and make you stronger. You can also choose different sets of exercises for homework from the gym. Special training is designed for individual muscle groups and the whole body. You can choose new exercises every week and improve your training pace.

Fast Results

The main advantage of this Android application is its effectiveness. You can use the training generator with minimal equipment to quickly prepare your body for new workouts. a special diet regime and an organic set of exercises will allow you to achieve the desired result as quickly as possible.

Use seasonal plans and premium features to get the most out of every activity. there is also a forum where you can communicate with other people who have obtained effective results after doing these sets of exercises. The user-friendly interface is intuitive and allows you to choose different workouts that are right for you.


  • application for individual sports;
  • more than 400 free exercises for weight loss;
  • special training for muscle growth;
  • convenient interface for Android devices;
  • the ability to choose an individual training mode.
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