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Fitify Workouts is a fitness application for Android that helps you choose the right training plan to achieve the desired results. Here you will learn how to burn excess fat, build muscle, and strengthen your stamina.

Daily Workouts

At the very beginning, the application will ask you to enter personal data like weight, height, and physical indicators. It is necessary to determine the training plan automatically. Further, you can choose the best training process that will allow you to improve your physical characteristics. 

It is worth noting that the application will allow you to train without a gym and additional tools. You can use your body weight and individual power loads to improve stamina and strength. On average, each workout lasts from 10 to 30 minutes, which will allow you to train your muscles and find time for classes, even with a busy schedule.

Individual plans

Each person has a unique body and their own needs for physical activity. That is why the creators of the application have developed different programs that are suitable for a particular person. These types of training based on your physical abilities and detailed statistics. All classes and exercises performed in such a way that you can get the maximum load and develop all the body muscles.

Here you can calculate your calories and overall progress when doing monthly workouts with this Android app. You can choose any time for training and the load that is right for you. That is why you can get effective achievement every day. Use over 800 exercises to make your body more durable.


  • free fitness app for Android smartphones;
  • train your muscles to enhance physical performance;
  • daily workouts according to an individual schedule;
  • detailed instructions for practical training;
  • general nutrition and relaxation tips for beginners.
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