FlashLight 2020

FlashLight 2020

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Android 4.1 and above
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FlashLight 2020 is a multifunctional application that allows you to use your smartphone as a flashlight. The program includes nine modes and the ability to send light signals or SOS code. It is suitable for those who cannot shout and call for help. It is worth noting that the application is ideal to find the keys in your pocket, open the door in the basement, or light up the road during pitch darkness. 

This program uses the LED flash of your smartphone and can create real strobe lights using the selected mode. Choose from 9 flash modes to adjust the intensity of the backlight blinking. It is worth noting that the application allows you to quickly change the effect of blinking a flashlight that will allow you to attract people’s attention if you are in trouble. In general, this is a multifunctional application that effectively uses your smartphone as a light signal.

Light the Way

In general, this application will make your smartphone a full-fledged flashlight. The final brightness depends on the flash power on your smartphone. The app uses the strobe option to attract other people’s attention and save battery power. Now you can go on any trip to weakly sacred places and find the way. You can also use light signals to inform about various troubles. The application is compatible with older versions of Android and has the minimum power requirements of your smartphone. It means that you can install this program even on an old smartphone and enjoy the first-class experience.

App Features

  • application for using flash as a flashlight;
  • nine operating modes and SOS signals;
  • convenient for finding ways at night and reading a book;
  • simple interface and sound signals;
  • the ability to activate the strobe mode on Android.
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