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Android 4.2
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Flipboard Briefing is an application for Android that aggregates the most important news from all around the world and gives it to you.  

Information from multiple sources

This app collects interesting articles from all corners of the Internet. Unlike many other popular news platforms, like BBC News for example, which provides you with materials from only one certain agency. It's very convenient because you always can find something that resonates with you the most, as well as get the full picture of the world. 

It's quite important to mention that currently you can use it only if you have a Samsung device. Other smartphone brands are not supported yet. 

Navigating the application’s interface is very easy. You just need to swipe left on your screen and start to surf trough countless pieces of content. Design is also pleasing to the eye and makes reading the news more plausible. 

There is also a premium feature called Flipboard TV. For now, it works only if you own Samsung Galaxy S20, but developers promise to provide access to it for all other users. You can watch videos in high definition there without any limitations or ads on any device. 

Customize your feed

The application lets you search for topics that concern you the most. Here you can find such categories as Business, Technology, Sports, Travel, Politics, Science and many others. After some of it catches your eye it’s possible to follow it and get related news every day.

Also, you can search through the topics you follow and find needed information and favorite articles. 


  • news from different sources in the one app;
  • developed for Samsung devices;
  • Flipboard TV is available for premium users;
  • you can follow your favorite topics;
  • download free for Android.
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