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FlixBox is an Android application with the ability to view video and copyright content.

Video Categories

The service contains a large number of videos with original ideas, humor and cognitive component. Users can enjoy a basic set of videos for free and a monthly subscription with full access.
Here are cooking shows, tips, pranks and failed doubles on the set of films.

Each user can find positive or educational videos. Here are instructions for collecting puzzles, toys and all mobile gadgets.
For girls, there are useful tips for creating hairstyles, effective makeup and a stylish look for the evening. Categories cover a large number of original videos that you can add to the library for re-viewing.

Films and TV shows

In addition to short clips, the application has other types of content. Users can enjoy popular films and trending television series in high quality. When you subscribe, the limit on the number of viewed content is removed.

Video is downloaded from the company's servers with minimal delay. Content quality and resolution are automatically adjusted. It all depends on the quality and signal level for an Internet connection.

Nuances with advertising

You can watch only a few dozen videos for free. Access to settings and trending videos is limited. Also, users will have to face an abundance of advertising. Separate integrations appear after each click on the play button. The application itself actively advertises a subscription every few minutes.


  • application for watching videos;
  • many categories and educational content;
  • some videos are available for free;
  • daily updates feed;
  • it is compatible with relevant versions of Android.
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