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Fluid Simulation

Pavel Dobryakov
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Android 4.1
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Fluid Simulation Fluids

Fluid Simulation is an Android app with the ability to create colorful animations.

Principle of operation

The application allows you to interact with the screen and create colored vortices, similar to puffs of smoke. Users can create animations in random order. Colorful curls dissolve over time. This application allows you to abstract from everyday routine.

To create an animation on the screen, you need to touch the sensor and slide your finger in any direction. The application will immediately generate a stream of colored vortices. Their number depends on the capabilities of the touch panel.

Effect Settings

The main screen contains a white ring with settings. It provides access to edit a number of parameters. You can set the overall quality of the effects, the size of the vortices, diffusion, and overall viscosity.
Additional options help set the dispersion time, bloom, total gamma and highlights. Users can set the frequency of occurrence of effects and shoot video from the screen for free. Photo mode allows you to create wallpapers for your start page.

Live wallpaper

One of the most interesting options concerns the creation of live wallpaper for your desktop. When this option is activated, users can create eddies on the screen between application widgets. It looks colorful, but requires relatively powerful device features. The load on the system can be reduced by adjusting the overall quality of the vortices.


  • application for creating animated vortices;
  • the ability to record photos, videos and create live wallpapers;
  • most options are available for free;
  • quality adjustment and vortex pixelation;
  • The application is compatible with current versions of Android.
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