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Foodhub is an Android application that allows you to order food from local restaurants. Now you can enjoy the taste of various gourmet dishes at home. Go to the menu section and select the nearest restaurants and the best dishes. Now you can rest, relax and try a new dish from Eastern, European, American, and any other cuisine. A convenient menu and an intuitive interface allow you to quickly go to the section with restaurants and find the best option. Choose what you need and pay for the goods in one click. 

The delivery system organized very quickly, so you do not have to wait long. You can track nearby restaurants and determine the location of your home. The geolocation system is responsible for this. Find restaurants and add your favorite dishes to the section with the best menus. It will help you make fast orders in the future. Often customers can rely on exclusive discounts and other features. Now you can track your order online. Choose the necessary section with food and pay.

Best Dishes

Now you can enjoy your favorite dishes and the most popular restaurants. Order food at home, and you will get fast delivery. Many stores cope with delivery within 15-20 minutes. It will allow you to enjoy all the possibilities of local delivery and familiarize themselves with the range of restaurants. Get your food on time and pay for checks online. View your order history and save the most popular dishes to the basket. Enjoy delicious food and the best service in the UK.

App Features

  • app for delivering food from local restaurants;
  • online Android order tracking system;
  • an interactive map with local restaurants in your city;
  • many gourmet dishes and discount system;
  • definition of the nearest locations and the best dishes.
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