Forex Trading Simulator

Forex Trading Simulator

Intamac Technologies Limited
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Forex Trading Simulator is a learning application that will allow you to learn how to trade stocks and analyze currency quotes. Add trading pairs charts and earn money in a virtual simulator.

Easy steps to trade like a pro

The Forex market attracts millions of people annually. It is a vast array of trading assets that can help you profit. Unfortunately, not every novice trader can understand market movements and analyze economic news. This Android simulator will allow you to study on real currency graphics but a demo account. You can read text instructions and video tutorials to understand the principle of trading strategies. 

Learn basic parameters and strategies to create your trading format. Here you can practice on demo accounts and track the calendar of economic events. View various stocks, currency quotes, and important events. Make deals in the simulator and get virtual profit. Here you should not worry about the fact that you can lose money. The main principle of this application is to help you trade Forex. You can receive trading signals and learn to read charts.

Profitable strategies

The application will help you learn how to use financial indicators to determine trend movements on charts and prioritize trading. Now you can get a powerful tool for successful trading and basic knowledge of the forex market. Explore the various activities and effects of news on the global economic environment. The knowledge gained will help you begin your journey in trading.


  • the Forex trading simulator for Android devices;
  • watch video tutorials and read tips
  • analysis of major economic news;
  • free demo account for concluding deals;
  • analytical information every day.
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