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Simple Design Ltd.
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Android 4.2
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FREE QR Scanner is an application for Android that allows you to scan certain images with the camera on your phone and get the information encrypted there. 


The app lets you make use of Quick Response codes located on products, websites, and elsewhere. 

When you see such code, you have to align it within the frame visible on the screen. Then it is automatically analyzed and you are shown everything that it contains. 

Be advised, that it's obligatory to give access to your device's camera. It’s a common practice for all applications that work with visual materials like Mirror Camera, for example. 

If you can not take a photo at the moment but you have an image saved on your phone, it’s possible to use it and scan the code that it has. Also, if it's very dark and your camera doesn't function properly, it's possible to toggle the flashlight.

There is also the History tab, where all the codes you have scanned are kept. If you need one you can always find it there and use it. 


With this application, it’s not only possible to get all the information from QRs but to make your own. 

You should use the Create tab that is located on the main screen. There you need to pick one of the multiple options. Your code can lead to a website, turn on Wi-Fi connection, redirect to a popular messenger profile, send an Email and many more. 

When it's completed you can save the result on your device or share it with friends or colleges. 


  • allows you to scan Quick Response codes with the camera of your device;
  • keeps the record so you can always go back to any item you have scanned;
  • you can toggle a flashlight if there is not enough light to make a clear photo;
  • it's possible to scan an image that was priorly saved on your phone;
  • free download for Android.
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