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Android 4.1
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Full Reader is a reader for Android with support for a large number of book formats. 


The utility is designed for fans of electronic books. Users can choose the font, text format and background. To do this,you can select one of several dozen presets in the settings. The utility also has day and night mode to reduce eye strain.

While reading, users can leave bookmarks, make text notes and share quotes with friends on social networks. The bookmarking system is very essential when reading important books, as the user can mark any number of pages for re-reading. 

Users can also optionally download the plug-in for automatically playing audio books. The application can turn pages or switch to manual mode. Readers can comfortably open necessary works and look through the pages.  


The utility can recognize all popular formats like FB2, DJVU, DOC and ODT. File Search works for internal memory and SD card. It also supports five language interfaces and users are able to quickly switch between them.The application has a built-in search by words, which allows you to select individual parts of the book for later storage.

Thanks for a large number of settings, users can view the table of contents, configure the network library and see the percentage of read text. Also, there is no intrusive advertising content.


  • application for reading books on smartphones and tablets;
  • there is a dark theme provided;
  • support for popular formats and archives, including PDF;
  • bookmark system and highlight quotes with colored markers to save necessary text;
  • the utility is available for free download;
  • compatibility with all current versions of Android.
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