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Furby BOOM is an entertaining application for children. The utility allows you to care for a virtual pet and interact with a soft toy Furby.

How it works?

The utility allows you to connect a soft toy or use only the on-screen interface for the game. The gameplay resembles a classic tamagotchi. You need to raise a small animal and feed it when it is hungry. The creature requires regular going to the toilet and hygiene procedures.

Children will enjoy talking directly with a soft toy. An electronic pet can remember its own name and communicate with the owner. One of the interesting features of the utility is the ability to use a name generator for pets. Furby lives in virtual apartments that need to be comfortably furnished. Then your pet will be happy. Some options for interacting with the character are available for free. Other parameters can be unlocked for money.

You can combine the ingredients in a blender to create nutritious food for Furby babies and interact with a physical toy during gaming. For example, you can play football using a special controller built into the toy.

Character Treatment

From time to time your Furby will feel unwell. It is necessary to treat them, do x-rays and other medical procedures. Pets can also breed. They hatch from eggs. Help adults keep an eye on the offspring. If someone gets sick, then it is necessary to cure quickly so that other characters do not feel bad.


  • application for synchronization with Furby toys;
  • virtual character with needs and name recognition;
  • the ability to increase the population of virtual toys;
  • the utility is available for free download;
  • the application is compatible with current versions of Android.
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