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Android 4.1 and above
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Furby BOOM is an entertaining application that, by the principle of operation, is a bit like Tamagotchi. It has the simplest interface and is sure to appeal to preschool children. The client is available in several modes. It can be used both paired with a Ferby toy, and without it. In the absence of toys, Furby BOOM offers to grow virtual furbling. The user will have to not only watch how the kids are gradually growing, but also take a direct part in their growing up - to feed, force them to take a bath, drive to the toilet, treat, comfortably equip their home and, of course, play. 

Having the latest version of the toy Ferbie brings variety. No matter how strange it sounds, this toy will be able to hatch virtual eggs, so that the company of small animals on the screen will grow and grow. Also, the "real" Ferby is able to remember his name and talk with the owner of the Android device through this application.

Features of use

Furby BOOM is designed for the next generation of Ferby. To synchronize with older models, use the Furby app without the BOOM prefix. If you have lost a beast - do not worry, the program works without it. Some features of the application are available only after payment. In order to exclude random purchases, you can prohibit the possibility of making them in the settings. This is a great entertaining application for your children that will help them interact with a soft toy and enjoy the gameplay. Give children a real holiday and install this program on your smartphone.

App Features

  • offers passing games with furbling;
  • interacts with the same soft animal;
  • works "paired" with or without a toy;
  • contains in-app purchases (you can disable the option to pay in the settings);
  • works on all current versions of the Android operating system.
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