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Android 2.0.3
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FX Player is a convenient player that can play local audio and video files.

Play Anything

Every user wants to play media content without restrictions. That is why it is worth installing this application on your Android device. Here you can access a wide variety of audio and video formats. Use subtitles to stay up to date with the main plot of any movie or series. The built-in player has support for high-quality video and various formats. 

You can stream the picture to your TV using Chromecast and enjoy the details of the settings. You can also control the playback modes and rewind the video if you missed an important point. Edit video files and add the necessary names to sort your music library according to your preferences. You can also quickly control the brightness and contrast as well as the volume level to get the most out of your movie.

Easy to use the app

The main advantage of this Android application is the ability to switch between different video streams and quickly configure playlists. Here you can rename files, sort them according to your preferences, and edit the necessary content. It is worth noting that the application allows you to quickly and conveniently sort all videos into folders and categories. It will allow you to reduce the time it takes to find the important content in the future. Choose any playback formats and rotate the screen to view videos in wide format styles. Here you can get all the necessary settings to play almost any video without restrictions and a drop in performance.


  • application for video and audio content;
  • use subtitles or broadcast the picture on your TV;
  • free support for most modern formats;
  • compatibility with current Android versions;
  • the ability to control brightness and contrast in one click.
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