GB WhatsApp

GB WhatsApp

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53 Mb
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Android version
Android 4.0 and above
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GB WhatsApp is an application for communication, transferring files and images. This modification for residents of the United Kingdom is distinguished by advanced functionality, the ability to exchange location, documents and various contact details. Now you can change the graphic themes of your application, download graphic content and change the language option. Send videos up to 50 MB in one click. 

Now you can send messages to various users, copy backup files and use stickers from the Google store. Create hidden chats in which will be available only to you. Automatically reply to messages and add audio recordings to group chat. This application has many advantages compared to the original version. Edit video players and use the message planner to get more features every day. This application is a multifunctional module that allows you to work with various files and chat with friends.

Chat With Friends

It is worth noting that this application opens up excellent communication opportunities for each user. You can chat with friends, transfer various data and video content in one click. Use the application to store information and exchange various contact details. There are many functions, graphic settings and various algorithms for comfortable use. You can use this application for personal purposes or for business correspondence. Enjoy a secure interface and unlimited communication with friends.

App Features

  • application for communication and files sending;
  • fast message scheduler on Android & tick styles;
  • share up to 100 Mb audio & up to 50 Mb video;
  • back up message history and status settings;
  • use dual or multiple accounts in one click.
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