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Zhejiang DAHUA Technology Co., Ltd
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25,6 Mb
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Android 4.0.3
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gDMSS lite is an Android application with the ability to control the video surveillance system in the house.

Home protection

The utility allows you to connect to surveillance cameras to view the current state of a point. For example, users can connect a surveillance system, door open sensors, a siren and other indicators.

Users have access to an alarm system, camera control and a common control panel. The menu has the ability to connect to a Wi-Fi device and cloud storage. By default, the application has a list of 4 slots for camcorders. You can turn on the demo mode for free and test how it works.

Main interface

The main search is performed using the upper right button. Here, users can access the search window through which it is necessary to enter parameters for selecting a device. It is worth noting that a separate menu with local files will allow you to store videos and enable playback when you need it.

The device section supports the connection of various parameters during initialization. The application contains a simple initialization interface allows you to create device cards Regardless of their volume. Individual devices can be grouped for quick control. Local settings support archive viewing time, snapshots, and decoding systems.

The main plus is the ability to quickly synchronize with the video stream and control video surveillance cameras via 3G or Wi-Fi network. The tiled interface allows you to group the entire video stream and observe the current situation in the house.


  • application for monitoring cameras, alarms and sensors;
  • the ability to test the camera demo for free;
  • local storage of files and videos;
  • groups for various devices and sensors;
  • compatibility with relevant versions of Android.


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