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GeckoVPN is an application for Android that secures your Internet connection and open access to sites that are blocked in your region. 

How to use it 

After the app is downloaded you will see the big turn on button on the main screen. Just push it and the connection will be established automatically. When you see the VPN indicator at the top of your screen, it means all is working as it supposed to. Before connecting you also can choose a country from the list. There eight free countries and one for premium users only. If you don't pick a specific one, the application chooses the best option by itself. However, if you need your traffic to go from a certain place, this feature can be very helpful. 

There is also the Smart Proxy option, that lets you to manually arrange the list of application that need the VPN. For example, you want to use your standard connection, but there are a couple of apps that are blocked in your region. You can make an exception for them and work with others in the way you always do. 

You are provided not only with access to the content that is unreachable in your country but also with better security. It will be harder for malware to track your personal information when you are surfing the net. 

No limitations 

It’s free and doesn't constrain you in any way. There is no traffic or time limit and the speed is always high. It's a serious advantage over the vast majority of such apps, like SuperVPN. Where the connection drops every 60 minutes if you don’t donate. There is also the premium version, however, it only switches off ads and lets you start the connection from Hong Kong. 


  • fast and secure VPN connection;
  • no limitations without buying premium;
  • Smart Proxy option;
  • you gain access to the content blocked in your region;
  • free download for Android.
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