General Aviation Flight Tracker

General Aviation Flight Tracker

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General Aviation Flight Tracker is a vital app for all GA Pilots. Here you can track the movement of all aircraft that fly below 10,000 feet. The program has built-in navigation and the ability to track the progress of various aircraft in 18 European countries. You can also get directions and travel around America and the Caribbean. Use a full display of all obstacles, flights, and indicate your location so that other pilots can make their route. This application will allow you to control the height, speed, and other parameters of your vessel. You can get a daily rainfall and thunderstorm activity report. 

Thanks to it, your flight will be more protected and safer. You can also use live broadcasts and the audio option to share content with your friends. You also should have a particular aircraft cable to connect to the application. A monthly subscription will allow you to maintain all your contacts and the ability to travel using GPS navigation. You can also save a flight log to automatically save all the information and data of the barometer. You can get a range finder and a detailed route map that you can use to plan all your flights.

Secure Flight

Thanks to this application, you can plan your trip on an airplane more safely. Now you can track the movement of all aircraft in your area and focus on the detailed readings of onboard instruments. The ability to broadcast will help you to be more socially active and plan all your actions before the flight. Use a monthly subscription to access the essential features.

App Features

  • application for civil aviation pilots;
  • track airplane routes and plan trips;
  • altitude sensor and aircraft notifications;
  • indicator of precipitation and gusts of wind;
  • the possibility of audio and video broadcasting.
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