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Getcontact is an Android application that allows you to identify unknown numbers, as well as protect yourself from unwanted calls and spam.


The application contains a huge database of phone numbers, which is replenished by users themselves. Thanks to her, you can identify the caller, even if he is not in the phone book of the smartphone.
The following room information is provided: name, organization, and user comments. Using this data, users can block an unwanted call in advance and not waste time on it.

An advanced SPAM algorithm is available to get rid of fraudulent calls. This function involves activating the autorun application – you can do this in the settings. Spam protection will run in the background and notify the user of suspicious or fraudulent calls. It is possible to see under which name other users of the application recorded the user’s phone number in their contacts.

Additional functions

Room owners can not only find out information about the caller, but also add their phone to the black list. A list of such numbers can be viewed at any time and edited. There is a search line where you can enter certain numbers and check them against the utility database. This app will help you get more features. The statistics of notifications of fraud and attempted phishing in the user’s region of residence are displayed. This free Android application has very convenient functionality and is intended for everyday use.


  • the application allows you to protect yourself from unwanted calls;
  • there is an advanced SPAM algorithm;
  • users can create their own blacklist;
  • download and use the application for free;
  • compatible with all relevant versions of Android.
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