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26 Mb
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Android 4.1 and above
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Gmail is a mail application that allows you to receive letters and documents on Android. Install this application you will get access to all the menus and settings and will be able to synchronize the mailing addresses of your friends. Each user receives 15 GB of cloud storage where you can store any types of documents and files. Now you can get quick access to this file anywhere in the world. 

The application supports multiple accounts, including third-party services. Any POP/IMAP support service can be connected to this application. Now you can reply to friends’ letters, conduct business correspondence and use the application offline. Read letters and open documents even when you are not connected to the network. The application protects the user from spam, so all unwanted emails fall into the trash. All mail is sorted automatically so you can conveniently open the necessary folder.

Start email messaging

The application has a simple and convenient interface. All unread messages are displayed in bold text and special indicators with notifications. You can use various accounts, switch between tabs and view sent messages. Here are all the important settings that users need to read letters. Connect various tabs and create new bookmarks in order to sort mail even faster and easier. Add links to cloud storage so your friends can download files. It is worth noting that the application supports the chat option so that you can chat with your friends and acquaintances. A convenient menu allows you to place the most important dialogs and display them on top of the list.

App Features

  • the email application on Android;
  • read and send letters to recipients;
  • 15 GB of cloud storage for your documents;
  • offline mode and spam protection;
  • support for multiple accounts simultaneously.
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