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GO Recorder is an Android application with the option of the video screen capture.

Video recording

The utility can record everything that happens on the screen of a mobile device. Buttons are available for users to start recording. After completing the procedure, you can edit the video and cut individual failed frames.

Users have the option to take screenshots without interrupting the video. You can set the timer mode for preliminary preparation. You can also send videos to friends on social networks and instant messengers.

In addition to the screen, users have the option of capturing video from the front camera.

Use cases

The utility is suitable for recording the gameplay, creating manuals for other users. The created content is useful for recording video broadcasts on streaming services. You can also use a watermark to protect copyright. This option is enabled in the settings. The utility has to start and stop video recording by shaking. This mode is implemented due to the built-in gyroscope in smartphones and tablets. 

Users can select video recording quality and storage types. The last option is available if there is an expansion slot for memory cards. One of the interesting features is a video tutorial for beginners. It contains all the basic options and recommendations for setting up the utility. Thanks to video recording, users can quickly learn all the nuances.


  • utility for video screen capture;
  • taking screenshots without interrupting the recording;
  • record sound from a microphone and send video on social networks;
  • the application is available for free download;
  • compatibility with current versions of Android.
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