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Golden Ratio Face

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Golden Ratio Face is an Android application that can measure the attractiveness of faces in a photo.

Main Options

The application uses the principle of the golden ratio to analyze photos. The cheekbones, cheeks, eye incision, and folds on the forehead are taken as the basis. To start the photo analysis, you need to open a selfie camera and take a picture. Next, the application sends a photo to the server for facial symmetry analysis.

After completing the procedure, the utility shows the general level of attractiveness on a scale of 1 to 10. The data obtained can be used to improve the makeup and add new makeup elements.

User Tips

In addition to makeup, the utility provides tips for choosing the right nutrition and beauty treatments. Users can also compare results with other people. Some tips are available for free. To unlock the full functionality, you need to subscribe.

The paid version allows you to switch between face masks and read a detailed description. The utility also explains how to analyze face symmetry and apply tips in practice properly. Some tips focus on choosing the right ingredients for your diet. It explains how to combine natural fruits and vegetables for masks and cocktails.

One of the drawbacks is excessive flattery for users. The utility displays what all people want to listen to. It is impossible to hear constructive criticism or nuances to improve appearance.


  • utility for analyzing a human face;
  • assessment of attractiveness based on the golden ratio;
  • basic utility options are available for free;
  • the ability to compare results with other users;
  • the application is compatible with current versions of Android.
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