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Google Arts Culture is an Android app with virtual tours of historic sites.

How it works?

Not all people can visit museums, historical sights and see objects of art. With the help of Google Arts Culture, you can join the cultural values of different eras. The menu has a virtual three-dimensional mode for traveling to various locations. You need to choose a city, place or a separate tourist center to view. Management is made using the arrows. You need to drag and drop individual elements by clicking on them with your finger.

Individual pieces of art can be studied using online help. It is worth choosing a painting, sculpture or panel for detailed information. The texts are compiled by historians and experts in the field of art history. You can combine an electronic guide with real visits to historical sites.

Search by era

A separate element of the application is responsible for the rapid identification of cultural property. There is a search for color combinations and eras. The utility automatically determines the palette and suitable pictures. This allows you to learn more about painting. Also, the menu has offline guides with detailed descriptions and historical information about individual eras.

Users can compose their own art collection. You just need to add all the objects to the general list in the application for free. All objects are systematized into separate genres and folders. You can take selfies, and a special algorithm will process the photo in the style of painting. This is a convenient option for creating original frames for social networks.


  • sightseeing application;
  • the opportunity to go on a virtual tour for free;
  • museums, paintings, statues and tapestries for study;
  • built-in guide with detailed historical information about places;
  • the application is fully compatible with relevant versions of Android.


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