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Google Authenticator is an application that allows you to protect accounts on various services using two-factor authentication. Many users are thinking about how to provide additional protection to their Google account and protect personal data from falling into the hands of attackers. Usually, everything is limited to activating additional authorization via SMS. But you are looking for something more reliable, you can use Google Authenticator. In this case, in order to log in to the profile, you will have to enter not only the password, but also the code generated by the program.


Google Authenticator is a strong protection mechanism for authorization in your personal profile. To use this application, you do not need to remember any additional passwords. Each time you log into your account, the authenticator will create a new code that is available exclusively on your device – entering it and the password for the profile will give you access to all important information.

The program can work with an unlimited number of accounts, and is also able to generate codes without connecting to the Internet, even if “airplane mode” is enabled. If desired, profiles can be added without manual data entry – for this you should use the built-in scanner of QR codes. Of the available settings, it is worth noting the management of connected accounts and changing the light theme to a dark one.

App Features

  • generates access codes for two-factor authorization;
  • can work with multiple accounts;
  • displays codes even in the absence of an Internet connection;
  • makes it possible to add accounts “manually” and using QR codes;
  • compatible with earlier versions of the Android operating system.
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