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Do you often forget to complete a business? Do not like to keep diaries, but you can’t organize your day? We suggest you use the Google Calendar mobile application for Android – with it you will always remember your plans. Google Calendar allows you to use any of the three available modes for viewing user plans – by day, week or month. Choose the one that is more convenient for you personally and check out the list of upcoming tasks so you don’t miss anything.


To not forget about upcoming important meetings and events, use the reminder function. Flexible settings allow you to set the time of the event and give it a name, as well as choose how much you need to warn about the event in advance – for 10 minutes, several days or even a week. You do not know how to squeeze a business meeting or occupation in the gym into your schedule, because you lead an too active lifestyle and get confused in your plans? Submit it to Google Calendar! Just write down your goal, and the application will independently find the free space in your schedule and suggest for what time it is best to plan it.

Gmail Sync

Fans of making purchases online with Google Calendar will be especially helpful, because it can synchronize with the user’s email account. But only on condition that it is a Gmail inbox. Book train or plane tickets? Are you booking a hotel room? Buying a ticket for a poetry evening? When you receive a response letter confirming the purchase or reservation, the application will automatically insert all these events into your calendar.

App Features

  • modes of viewing events for a day, week or month are available;
  • gives you the opportunity to create reminders of upcoming plans;
  • helps to choose a free place in the schedule when planning important tasks;
  • automatically duplicates events from mail to the user’s calendar;
  • saves data on the server, which eliminates their loss when the phone is stolen.
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