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Google Docs

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Android 4.1 and above
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Google Docs is a universal text file editing application. Thanks to full synchronization with Google and Google Disk services, you can edit your documents, create new files and add various tables. Leave comments for general use and pass on the information to your friends or employee. Now you can get round-the-clock access to shared files and edit them as you wish. 

Choose different font styles, add graphic content and change other parameters of each image. Now you can download documents, share links or invite friends to share various files. This is a universal application where you can leave comments for your colleagues and employees. Due to the fact that all data is stored in the Cloud, you will not lose the result of painstaking work. The application supports various formats and is compatible with Microsoft Word documents. This allows users to work with multiple files without restrictions.

Online App

This application is most suitable for sharing documents with friends and editing various files. Thanks to this application, you can solve many technical processes and organize the joint work of many people who are remote from each other. Regardless of your location, you can always get full access to all the information stored on the server. Send links to your friends so they can join file editing and save important information. Now you will always be aware of important changes in documents and will be able to send them to print, regardless of your location.

App Features

  • application for working with text documents on Android;
  • sharing documents from any device
  • edit files, add comments and share links;
  • minimalistic interface and easy file editing;
  • the support for all Microsoft Word extensions.
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