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Android 4.1 and above
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Google Drive is an Android application that allows you to save files, photos, videos, and share. Now you can always use any device for quick access to your data. By default, Google allows you to store 15 GB of information on disk for free. For an additional fee, you can expand the disk space up to terabytes of memory. You can always connect to the repository and share it with other users: edit documents and spreadsheets or view presentations at conferences. 

Here you can quickly find any file and work with documents on your smartphone or tablet. It is worth noting that all data is duplicated on the smartphone so you can use the storage for offline viewing. Edit and add bookmarks in one click without any problems. This program allows you to quickly manage all files and data as well as switch between different editing formats. Attitude to the policy of using the program will improve the work on files.

Fast Android Cloud Drive 

The main advantage of Google Drive is an utterly free format and 15 GB of free space for each user. You only need to have a Google account to access the information. You can save data and share links with friends to view and edit any information. Here you can organize all your data, passwords, audio, and video files. Regardless of the type of content, you can easily access it from any device. You need to enter a username and password, and the system will open all the files for you. You can also configure additional security systems so that no one can access your content.

App Features

  • the application for storing files on Android;
  • file and folder sharing;
  • quick access from any device;
  • reliable storage with offline mode;
  • the work environment for creative people.
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