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Google Earth is an Android virtual travel application for the planet Earth. The program allows you to travel the world without getting up from the couch. Of course, at the same time, you will not be able to get the same vivid and exciting emotions as with real travels, however, with this client you can learn a lot of new and interesting things. If virtual tourism does not interest you, then just use Google Earth as a map. On it you will be able to discover new objects that you later want to visit in reality.


Google Earth allows you to view the Earth’s surface photographed from satellites. Using the search engine embedded in the application, the user can easily find any point of interest to him – a city, street or even a house, as well as see how they look from a height. Those who are used to controlling their Android device using voice commands will clearly appreciate the ability to search by voice.

If you yourself do not know what you are looking for and are just looking for the beautiful, we recommend using the “Tours” mode. With it, you will get access to the most beautiful places on our planet. Some of the cities have their own 3D model, thanks to which you can take a closer look at residential areas, monuments and ancient architecture. Unfortunately, this feature is available only for the largest cities.

Key Features

  • detailed three-dimensional copy of planet Earth;
  • viewing new interesting places using the “Tours” mode;
  • access to three-dimensional models of various attractions;
  • built-in street view using voice search;
  • integrated maps of earthquakes, hiking trails and flights.
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