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Google Family Link

Google LLC
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Android 6.0 and above
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Google Family Link is parental control app. Thanks to this tool from Google, parents can monitor how their child uses an Android device. The program helps to set up a children’s account, set a time limit for working with individual games and applications, and also provides detailed statistics on a children’s account. 

Each time you try to install a new application from the Play Market, the parent will receive a notification on their device. Moreover, Google Family Link makes it possible to remotely restrict access to games and programs already installed on the device. You can also block the possibility of using the device at night or at a specified time during the day. If you do not know what applications should be installed on a child’s portable device, then GFL will make a list of recommended educational and developmental programs for you.

Track your child’s location

The second important feature of Google Family Link is tracking the location of the device on which the child’s account is configured. At any time, you can find out where your child is and send him an emergency message. The location is transmitted with an accuracy of 15 meters. When you turn off geolocation services, the program remembers the latest current “coordinates”. The system with settings is intuitive and allows you to deal with basic points as quickly as possible. You will enjoy using this application and solve problems with geolocation.

App Features

  • it allows you to set up a children’s account to use an Android device;
  • serves for remote blocking of applications;
  • makes it possible to limit the time of work with the device;
  • provides a list of recommended apps for the child;
  • compatible only with new portable devices.
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