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Google Home is an application for Android that lets you control all the smart devices installed in your apartments. 

What can it do

You can connect to Google Nest, Chromecast, Smart Displays and some other special devices through this app. After synchronization, it’s possible to configure these devices and control them in real-time. For example, you can give a command to turn off the light in the room, get news and find out the current weather. Or turn on the music or TV when you close to home. You even can boil your cattle from the distance. 

The main page shows all the devices to which your mobile phone can be connected like a smart lamp, camera, smart thermostat, speaker, WiFi router and so on.

The application has a parental control that can block access to WiFi networks on tablets and mobile phones.

It is noteworthy that some features of the application are not available in some regions, so it’s better to check it before you are going to use it. 

Preparation of the device

First of all, you should log in to the system using your Gmail or Google account. If you already logged in on your phone, you will be given an option to enter automatically with the current profile. 

Then you must enter the address of the house. Also, you can give it a special unique nickname, that makes adding it easier. After it, you have to indicate in which rooms the units are located. It is obligatory to provide the app with access to data and location so it can start searching for the devices. When synchronization is complete, the app is ready for use.


  • you can configure and control smart devices at your home;
  • it’s possible to log in with your Gmail or Google account;
  • works at any distance;
  • shows your rooms planing;
  • download free for Android.
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