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Android 5.0 and above
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Google Keep is a Google product that helps you replace standard note-taking apps. Here you can add various items and shopping lists to you. Make an action plan, form a reminder, and stay on top of all the necessary tasks for the whole day. Now you do not need to remember all the information and store it in your head. Create the required notes and add various photos to know what needs to be done. You can also record audio files with automatic conversion to text. It makes daily activities easier if you often write text snippets.

You can use colored markers to mark the most critical parts of the text in notes. Add a particular shortcut system and access your account from various devices. Now you can display the necessary widgets on your smartwatch and access notes anywhere. Create useful reminders and access to an essential record in order not to forget about the activity during the day. Now all your air travel, personal meetings, and other essential tasks will be grouped in a single list.

One-click Notes

It is worth noting that the application is very convenient for daily use. You can easily replace standard notes on your smartphone with this software product. You can create an unlimited number of entries and special reminders that will allow you to keep abreast of all activities throughout the day. Get the most important events to display them on the screen or edit on the go shopping list. Now you can use a real organizer with multifunctional modes and preview notes.

App Features

  • create notes in one click on Android;
  • convert voice memos to text
  • create shortcuts and add photos to the text;
  • synchronization with Google account;
  • convenient search for notes and shopping lists.
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