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Google Maps Go is a convenient online navigator that supports a weak device and allows you to find the exact location of your route.

Fast navigator

This application is a convenient navigator that is available on all android devices. You can use step-by-step navigation voice prompts to find the exact route in an unfamiliar city. There are separate modes for motorists, motorcycle drivers, bicycles, and ordinary pedestrians. It is worth noting that each route is displayed on the map with the exact time and traffic jams. 

You can use voice prompts in almost any language to choose the right route. The application will notify you of the remaining distance of the need to turn aside in case of a change in direction. If you change the road, the automatic transfer application builds the next path. Choose various parameters to track the rest of the time and find an adequate way for advancement.

Dark & Light Themes

It is worth noting that this Android application automatically adjusts to different times of the day. During the day, you can see the white theme, and at night applications use the black theme. It is done so that every driver or pedestrian feels more comfortable and focuses on the details on the map. 

It is worth noting that the application supports full city navigation and allows you to position your location correctly. Now you can entirely navigate in an unfamiliar city and choose the most comfortable route depending on city traffic.


  • fast navigation for Android users;
  • free application with voice prompts;
  • detailed settings and display of the shortest path;
  • the convenience of switching routes in one click;
  • option with downloading maps for offline mode.
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