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Android 4.2
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Google Meet is an Android application that allows you to make video calls and participate in online conferences.


Nowadays, there is a strong upcoming trend for remote work all around the world. With this app, you can organize seminars and meetings with your colleagues while staying at home. Here you can create a text chat for up to 250 participants and share documents and files. All of them can be searched for by keywords or in the application history.

Video calls are also available to all users. Just select a friend from your contact list and contact him or her. It reminds of other popular software like Skype Lite

Moreover, there is the ability to schedule a meeting or conference and add events to your calendar. 

It is also possible for users to connect to any broadcast using a direct link on their smartphone, tablet or personal computer. The streaming of the content is stable even when the speed of the Internet decreases.

Useful tools

This application allows you to contact any group of people in order to communicate and solve business or personal problems. The broadcast quality is automatically adjusted depending on the speed of your connection. Each user can allow subtitles to be displayed on the screen.

It helps to understand people from all corners of the world. Google’s built-in speech recognition technology lets you understand most phrases and words without looking in a dictionary.  


  • multiple tools for personal communication and business meetings;
  • you can contact any user who has an account;
  • it’s possible to have up to 250 users in online chat;
  • there is a technology that helps you understand foreigners;
  • the application can be downloaded and used for free.
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