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Android 6.0 and above
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Google Slides is a convenient application for creating and editing slides. Here you can customize various presentations and view slides in one click. Access your Google account and save all presentations for online viewing. You can also save multiple files on your smartphone to access them at any time. You can change the order of the slides and format them depending on your preference. Choose any format of use and customize presentations on your smartphone, not every day.

Slides Search

Now you should not be afraid that some of your slides may be lost. The application allows you to synchronize access to your account and finds all the necessary slides on your smartphone. Now you can organize them by name or time of creation. Also, here you will get a powerful tool for adding various references to your slides, editing text, and adding pictures. Now you can make an excellent presentation, add videos, and multiple screenshots while you work.

Edit & save PowerPoint files

Here you can also edit and save PowerPoint files. A few basic clicks on the screen, and you can sort the markers, photos, and text. Now all your working presentations can be organized in one place. Use the convenient interface to edit errors, customize animation, and work with slides of any complexity. Save your work in one click and get a powerful tool that will save you time. Now all your work will be more efficient and systematized. Save your work on your smartphone or Google drive. It will help you not to lose valuable files for work.

App Features

  • convenient application for opening slides on Android;
  • edit slides in one click and adds photos;
  • synchronization with cloud storage;
  • support for various formats and quick access to settings;
  • offline storage for each user.
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