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Android 4.1 and above
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Google Translator is the application of the most popular automatic translation service in the world. Working with the application is extremely simple – the input field where you want to enter the words is displayed directly in the start window. If the desired text is on paper, you can “scan” it using the camera built into the Android device.

The program supports voice input and can recognize handwritten text. Those learning a new foreign language can create a separate section in the application for the words they are studying, where their spelling in the original and translation will be shown. To transfer to the “phrasebook” it is enough to mark the necessary phrase with an asterisk.


The number of languages available for translation using this program exceeds one hundred. You can find the full list in the official market. We, in turn, would like to add that this solution, unlike the web version, can be used without a network connection. Now you can translate various volumes of text and play them.

To translate offline, visit the dictionaries section and download the necessary languages to the device. The tab that you will need to look into is called “Offline Translation”. Languages downloaded to the smartphone’s memory are displayed at the top of the list. In general, using Google Translate is very simple and convenient. The application contains no ads and is available for download completely free.

App Features

  • support for more than a hundred languages;
  • use of dictionaries without connecting to a network;
  • saving selected words to the phrasebook;
  • the ability to download dictionaries for translation offline;
  • spoken words using the built-in voice engine.
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