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GoToMeeting is an Android application for conferences and meetings. Here you can book an important session and contact colleagues online.

Connect colleges

Many people conduct an online meeting for liaising with colleagues and setting up various assignments. Thanks to this application, you can assign various tasks to a team and show presentations. Android application data can also transfer control rights to a slide show, which will allow your colleagues to report on their work. It is worth noting that the application has a high-quality communication channel due to which you see and hear the interlocutor. 

Also, here you can transfer various layouts and reports without restrictions. You will be able to plan all your present and upcoming meetings as well as make a clear schedule of future work plans. A notification system will allow you to recall the upcoming meeting and prioritize future reports. Add new conference participants; communicate without restrictions.

Useful tips

To start the conference, you need to create a list of all the contacts you want to add for communication on your Android device. Connect to the archive sections to get the necessary information for broadcasting. After you select all the users, you can start the conference. Add all important colleagues to the main screen to see their image. Here you can share various graphs and tables in one click. Transfer control to other users using special keys. Here you can create a full-fledged working environment where each employee will share valuable information.


  • free video and audio conferencing application;
  • communicate with colleagues and send reports online;
  • synchronization with other Android devices;
  • pop-up notifications with important information;
  • daily reports and activity logs.
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