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GPS StreetView Map

Ashley Nizinski
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Android 4.4
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GPS StreetView Map is an Android app with the ability to view streets, traffic and create routes.

Functionality and features

The application tracks all locations in real time and allows you to navigate the terrain. Here you can lay a pedestrian or car route with detailed navigation. Also, the application supports Google’s Live Maps and Street Live View technologies. They allow you to arrange a three-dimensional tour of the streets and get acquainted with the upcoming trip personally.

On the map you can see the streets of all cities in the world for free. Also, there are markers of attractions and historic buildings. Each location has a detailed description with the ability to copy existing text.


For most users, normal GPS navigation is sufficient, but here is another option. A special electronic compass shows the direction of movement and the cardinal directions. Thanks to its projection on the map, you can draw a route with high accuracy.

Find nearby places

Tourists come in handy option with detailed information about each building or location. You must enter the name of the place or building to display the route, opening hours and general data.
Each store, library or other institution has contact details and opening hours. The map displays most cafes, restaurants, banks and other organizations. It has a lot of indicators and online markers.


  • application for creating routes and searching for places of interest;
  • built-in compass with display of cardinal points;
  • the opportunity to arrange a three-dimensional tour of the city streets for free;
  • built-in GPS mode of city navigation;
  • compatible with relevant versions of Android.
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