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Android 4.2
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Grammarly is an application for Android that provides you with a convenient virtual keyboard and helps to write without mistakes. 

How to start

The app is available for users from all corners of the world and there are no limitations whatsoever. 

After the installation, you are required to create a personal profile using your email address. It is possible to proceed with a fast registration via your Google or Facebook account. 

Once you are logged in, you have to provide access to the system and turn on the Grammarly keyboard in the settings. Since that it will be usable in all apps that give you an opportunity to type something. 

It is worth noticing that it supports English so if you are using a different language while writing it is better to find an analog.

Main functions 

The application reminds of other similar software like Emoji keyboard, for example. However, the focus here is on the spell checking. 

Your grammar, punctuation, and vocabulary are automatically analyzed in real time and if something is not correct, the right variant is shown to you. Even the context is constantly checked and tips that can improve your text are given. 

It is possible to see a detailed explanation for every correction, so you could understand what is your mistake and avoid it in the future. 

Moreover, you always get recommendations about what word is better to choose next and it is possible to tap on it and do not type it manually. 


  • helps you to write texts without mistakes;
  • it is possible to create a profile with a Facebook or Google account;
  • there are no regional limitations for users;
  • automatically checks your grammar, vocabulary, and punctuation;
  • you can get a detailed explanation of every correction;
  • free download for Android.
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