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Grandstream Networks, Inc.
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17,7 Mb
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Android 4.0
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Grandstream Wave is an Android application that allows you to organize video calls and text messages.

Calls and adding users

The application is designed for calls in the SIP telephony format. To communicate, you must open the address book and select a contact. You can also add any new phone number for calls. The utility allows you to send text messages to any subscriber. The application will enable you to change the screensaver during conferences and color themes.

Users can access single calls and conferences for up to five people. During group communication, you can adjust the volume of each subscriber and disconnect from the conversation. The cellular network supports communication. You can use SIP and LDAP numbers to call users. The utility is also compatible with Bluetooth headsets and wireless headphones.

How to make VOIP calls?

The utility supports VOIP telephony and allows you to communicate using encrypted channels. To set up calls, you need to select an operator and add an account. It allows you to connect to the VOIP gateway and use noise reduction technology.

It also has a built-in recorder for saving conversations. This option is available for free when connecting to a channel using LDAP technology. All recordings of conversations are stored in the device’s memory. Users can edit media files and crop them. The app you to change the standard ringtones and set up automatic forwarding.


  • an app for calls over an encrypted channel;
  • the ability to use LDAP and SIP libraries;
  • connect to a wireless network for calls;
  • you can download this app for free;
  • compatible with current versions of Android.
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