Graph Messenger

Graph Messenger

Additional Information
The size
29,5 Mb
Number of installations
Current version
T5.15.0 - P7.7.1
Android version
Android 4.1
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Graph Messenger is an Android app with free chat and audio calling features.

Main Functions

It’s an app for messaging and sharing files. You need a phone number no log in. People should enter it in the specified field. Use a special code for verification. It is worth noting that the application based on Telegram. 

The main difference is that users can log in to 100 accounts to actively communicate on the network and carry out various marketing campaigns; there is also the opportunity to communicate in audio format or send audio files.

Featured dialogs

Users can add individual dialogs to the favorites list to return to the dialogue in the future. The utility allows you to change the image of other users to search for them faster in the messaging history.

The utility also supports group chats where you can exchange photos, documents and audio files. Besides, all the dialogs can be made more comfortable when changing the graphic theme and color scheme. The app supports stickers & emoji.

All files are stored on servers. It allows you to download any documents repeatedly if you have lost them. The utility also uses end-to-end encryption to ensure confidential communication of various users. You can also create secret chats or separate channels for the most trusted people.

All correspondence and files are stored on the device. Users can edit messages after submitting if they make a mistake. You can also delete your part of the conversation, even for the interlocutor.


  • application for text messaging and group communication;
  • support for 100 accounts on one device;
  • The application allows you to share files;
  • all options are available for free;
  • the application is compatible with current versions of Android.
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