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Grasshopper Code experienceGrasshopper Coding app

Grasshopper is an educational Android application that will allow users to learn the basics of JavaScript.

Educational app

The utility is entertaining and educational in nature. JavaScript basics are presented in the form of small test tasks, an exercise and various entertaining stages. 

The entire learning process is divided into separate levels with different complexity and reward systems. Of course, this application will not replace a full-fledged training course, seminars or a full-fledged book on programming. However, users can get a basic understanding of how JavaScript code works.

The main task of the application is to teach users to write primitive code. This editor allows you to analyze the completed task and identify errors. Syntax highlighting allows you to understand how the basic code of any applications works and understand the general structure and commands.

Multiple tasks

Each task is available for free and offers several conditions and options for solving the problem. As soon as the user writes the cat will be able to see the visual result in the built-in terminal. The pictures show examples and allow you to understand how the different format from the tasks works. 

The utility also has an ever-increasing algorithm that will allow users to learn more information and various programming techniques. Each completed task brings points. This is good to discover new levels and progress.


  • utility for obtaining basic knowledge of JavaScript;
  • syntax highlighting coding console;
  • task system with increasing complexity;
  • the utility is available for download and use for free;
  • compatibility with current versions of Android.
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