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Greene King

Greene King Brewing and Retailing Limited
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Android 5.0 and above
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Greene King is an Android application that helps you access the company’s branded pubs and choose the best places to relax. Find the best locations and send them with friends to drink some beer. Now you can get your phone and order beer and food online. A quick ordering system allows you not to wait for a waiter and get your order faster. Search for local pubs in your city using an online map. All locations displayed with the corresponding icons on the menu. Use contactless payment to get more benefits and reduce waiting times. Private users can count on exclusive discounts. 

The application contains many dishes and a convenient menu. Now you can buy food for yourself and your children in one click. Choose between popular British dishes and European cuisine. You can also order fast food. Choose a variety of burgers and enjoy their first-class taste. Offer your PayPal account or credit card to pay for orders in one click. You can also reserve a table for a specific date or time. Indicate the details, and the company will reserve a table for you. Every day, users can count on daily deals. It means that some of the dishes are available at a special reduced price. It will allow you to enjoy the best dishes and drinks for a minimal fee.

Best Pubs

This application greatly simplifies the ordering of food and drinks in pubs in the UK. Use a contactless payment system to avoid using cash. Now you can be a frequent visitor to pubs and receive discounts on various orders. Come on your own or with friends and get a lot of pleasure from delicious food and quality service. Now you do not need to wait for the waiter because you can make an order yourself. Just a few clicks and you will get your dish.

App Features

  • pub food ordering application on Android;
  • quick contactless payment;
  • detailed menu and daily specials;
  • discount for regular pub customers;
  • convenient interface and the ability to get new dishes.
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