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GrooVe IP is an application for Android that adds Voice over IP(VoIP) to your mobile device. It lets you perform phone calls and send texts via an Internet connection without a SIM card. 

Creating an account

To start using it you will need to register at first. In spite of the app being free to download you are required to pay money if you are going to use it. The PayPal account is needed to arrange payments. The new phone number will cost one dollar, and you have to pay 75 cents per month to sustain it. If you own more than a hundred numbers, you get a discount. 

When the account is created and all fees are paid you can proceed with calling or texting straight away.

An alternative to the traditional connection 

As this application provides you with the official US or Canadian phone number and lets you make calls and send texts, it can be an actual replacement for common SIM cards. 

VoIP uses the Internet to make a connection, so there is no need to pay for it. Wherever you have access to WiFi you can use it without any limitations. 

It works in all corners of the world, so if you travel a lot it will help you to save a lot of money on expensive international calls. 

This application also can be useful when you don’t want to let other persons know your personal mobile number - it provides you with an opportunity to protect your privacy 

There is also an in-app dialer that you can use for your calls or you can integrate it with your device's basic one. 


  • allows you to use Voice over IP on your phone;
  • SIM card is not needed;
  • ability to make calls via an internet connection;
  • unlimited mobile numbers are available;
  • comfortable in-app dialer;
  • download for Android is free, but you will have to pay to use a number.
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