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Android 4.2
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Groovepad is a musical Android application that helps you create perfect rhythmic patterns. Here you can record music and various sequences of sounds.

Easy sound creating

Making music requires a long process and various technical nuances. Fortunately, thanks to this application, you can significantly speed up the whole process. It is a unique set of pre-recorded samples and tracks that can be combined in different sequences. All this allows you to create beautiful music with backing vocals and other nuances. 

A predefined set of different presets can be activated in random order to create a rhythmic pattern. Thanks to this, you can experiment and create different variations that you and your friends will like. It is worth noting that the application is lightweight and compatible with various Android versions.

How to use it?

The application is very convenient for everyday use. To create an interesting composition, you need to choose any genre and start creating exciting music. Do not forget that here you can add various sound samples and swap settings to achieve the perfect sound. 

The interface is straightforward and allows you to create high-quality music instantly, click on a separate square to activate or switch effects. In the end, you get a set of different squares that create musical information. All this will help you create the perfect music that you and your friends will like. Do not forget that the finished result can always be recorded in real-time.


  • application for creating bits and samples;
  • experiment and swap sound segments in places;
  • free sound banks for each user;
  • the ability to change the rhythm and tonality in real-time;
  • compatibility with current Android versions.
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